Graphic Design and Print

Clear Communication of your brand values in today’s environment is important and make it stand out from the others is essential!
Design for me is solving a client’s problem while making it look great!

Political Campaigns

With over 10 Political Campaigns worldwide, I specialize in creating and launch unique Brands for Political Campaigns. I was blessed to work closely with masterminds like Arthur Finkelshtein, and learned to Plan, Design and Direct Branding Strategies.


Is the core of every business. I have a deep knowledge and understanding of all the needs and goals Brand should have. I usually supervise and create brands tailored to the client needs, helping to frame the exact crowd that the brand is destined to.


With over a decade of Post-Production experience in the major Production houses in Tel Aviv I am comfortable enough to say I know the field and understand it deeply.
I can Design and Direct animations and motion graphics. Con­fort­able with a wide range of tech­niques (includ­ing 3D), and After Effects.
I also work with the best professionals in the field to achieve the best results in the industry.

Art Direction

I am a multi-platform designer. With an extensive experience in Print, Broadcast, and Web. I’m always ready to undertake any project, no matter how challenging.
(even better!).

Web Design

I design plenty of WordPress sites and I have a nice understanding of HTML.
I also do“custom made” web design on demand.